There and back again

The Arizona trip was a resounding success! The What an amazing studio! Recording at the Flying Blanket with Bob Hoag (sure, its name dropping) was quite the experience! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity presented by my heterosexual life parter in musical crime, none other than Spencer Jones!

Bob's process was completed through his strict routine! I've never seen someone so fast and adept with the process! It makes me appreciate his talent and the mythology that comes along with his name!

I'm excited for you guys to hear what we've done! Even now, Spencer and Bob are putting the vocals on the tracks! Its a project I'm very proud of!

I'm also excited for "Clever Girl" to be released! We've hit a snag with the mixing processes for the song "Pride". It will be well worth the wait though! Computers can be such frustrating things! 

It's the week before christmas, I hope this finds you well!



Happy Holidays friends! 

My prayer is that each of you have a great, memorable christmas this year! 

Remember what the Boss has said

Today is the day to stop wishing you were the man you want to be, and JUST BE the man you want to be!

Be good!


Recording With An Old Friend 

I'll be heading down to Arizona in the next couple of weeks to go record with my cousin... the talented, charismatic, Spencer Jones. 

Its cool to see some of these songs we wrote so long ago, in my parents basement and over the phone, come to life! I feel like they've matured into their own now! I don't feel the need to play them as fast and hard as I use to. Now they speak for themselves, at their own pace. 

I'm beyond excited to record with him again! He has been a good friend since... well, birth! He has a couple of originals I'll be playing on as well. I feel honored he would ask me to help out! 

I'll post pictures and keep you updated! 

Hope the holidays find you happy!



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