Moonfest is almost here (August 17th 6-10 pm) I need your help!! This year we are raising money for my best friend's mom, she is the sweetest lady you'll ever meet. Honestly... I'm surprised she's not from the south!  

She has breast cancer and we want to help her out by raising some money and supporting and shinning a light on her! She is so incredibly strong! We want to show her love!  

I need your help! We all do! This is what you can do! 

1. If you see anything with the word moonfest in it (‪#‎moonfest‬.... However it's presented) please take 3 seconds to click the share button. This helps spread the word so much more than I could ever do by myself. I feel overwhelmed by this most of the time. You pressing the button does SO MUCH!  

2. Come to the show and bring your friends! It's free admission! Remember (Monday August 17th 6-9 pm at the American fork amphitheater) please, please, please come! It's family friendly and it will be a great time! Mark your calendar, set alarms. Be there! You won't regret it!  

3. Buy merch/donate to the box! We are not keeping a single dime! Everything there goes to help this angel of a woman out! This is her night! It doesn't have to be a huge amount. If everyone donates dollar or two, that adds up quickly! We need your help!  

4. Act the fool! Have fun! This is such a wonderful night! It'll be something to remember! Don't be a wallflower! Dance! Don't hold the wall! Haha 

Thanks guys! I need your help to make this a special night for a really special lady! She's been strong for a long time. let's add to her strength!  

Please help me! I can't do it without you!

Top Bands On Reverbnation 

We made it to the top three local pop bands in the area!!! That blows my mind! Thank you for all the support and the plays on ReverbNation! The way we stay afloat is by all the likes and shares you guys give this page (and the ReverbNation page) the higher our ranking, the more shows we play! 

To properly THANK YOU Cameron will soon be coming to each of our houses and walk your dog for you!!! (Don't have a dog, we walk cats, elephants and children as well!)



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Winchester Vs Lumpys Highland Round 2

Lumpys Highland

We're playing our favorite bar! Lumpys! (off highland) Come Watch Utah play Michigan with us! Party with us afterwards as we celebrate (fingers crossed) The Win!