We are here to get our music stuck in your head! All things good and catchy... we stand for these things! Our mission is to bring our music to you anyway we can, be it through a speaker, or in front of your house at 3 in the morning till the cops come to round us up! 

We want to play for you!

Top Bands On Reverbnation 

We made it to the top three local pop bands in the area!!! That blows my mind! Thank you for all the support and the plays on ReverbNation! The way we stay afloat is by all the likes and shares you guys give this page (and the ReverbNation page) the higher our ranking, the more shows we play! 

To properly THANK YOU Cameron will soon be coming to each of our houses and walk your dog for you!!! (Don't have a dog, we walk cats, elephants and children as well!)



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There are no upcoming events right now.