Thank you for all of your support

I have the new album "Clever Girl" almost all wrapped up! I'm so excited for all of you to hear it! On top of that, I have a couple other songs (Half-Stack and Aftertaste) which I'll be indecently releasing to your earholes soon! 

We've gone through a lot of changes lately, but I feel the music is stronger than ever! I've been working on touring around soon. I'll be booking it past the state lines soon! 

I hope you guys have a great holiday season! I'm busy at work... Winchester has some really cool stuff coming out soon and consistently thereafter! I miss seeing your faces! I look forward to the fast approaching day when I see you again! 

Dean"Crazy Legs" Nelson

Recording With An Old Friend 

I'll be heading down to Arizona in the next couple of weeks to go record with my cousin... the talented, charismatic, Spencer Jones. 

Its cool to see some of these songs we wrote so long ago, in my parents basement and over the phone, come to life! I feel like they've matured into their own now! I don't feel the need to play them as fast and hard as I use to. Now they speak for themselves, at their own pace. 

I'm beyond excited to record with him again! He has been a good friend since... well, birth! He has a couple of originals I'll be playing on as well. I feel honored he would ask me to help out! 

I'll post pictures and keep you updated! 

Hope the holidays find you happy!


Top Bands On Reverbnation 

We made it to the top three local pop bands in the area!!! That blows my mind! Thank you for all the support and the plays on ReverbNation! The way we stay afloat is by all the likes and shares you guys give this page (and the ReverbNation page) the higher our ranking, the more shows we play! 

To properly THANK YOU Cameron will soon be coming to each of our houses and walk your dog for you!!! (Don't have a dog, we walk cats, elephants and children as well!)


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Winchester Vs Muse (With Melting Rain)

Muse Music , 247 Center St, Provo

Playing with my friends, the amazing group... Melting Rain! (So talented, I'm pumped!)